Single Soldier Housing


Household Hazardous Waste Turn-In


Solid Waste Transfer location

NON-RECYCLABLE TRASH/GARBAGE – Discard trash in Fort Drum dumpsters.

RECYCLABLES – Recycle containers are issued for each room. These containers should be emptied into outdoor recycling containers (BLUE) located outside of each barracks. Single-stream recycling is ALL-IN-ONE RECYCLING, NO BAGGING- NO SORTING. Important to remember–NO plastic bags or films allowed with recyclables, NO foam (Styrofoam) products, and NO shredded paper.

Single Stream

Recycling on Fort Drum is now easier than ever. On 1 October 2016, Fort Drum transitioned to Single Stream Recycling in all military buildings to include barracks, motor-pools, offices, and shops. No sorting or bagging is required!

Hazardous Household Waste Turn-In 2017 Hazardous Household Waste Turn-In 2017[/caption]

cides, propane cylinders, aerosols, C2/C2A1 canisters, expired materials, etc.”]HAZARDOUS WASTE – Turn in at Hazardous Waste Storage Facility Bldg. 11144 Monday-Friday during business hours 315-772-6111.

WOOD PALLETS/SKIDS – Collect and deliver serviceable and unserviceable pallets to the Solid Waste Transfer Station, Bldg 11001, Iraqi Freedom Drive. Transfer Station hours of operation are 0700–1430, Monday through Friday 315-772-5944.

ELECTRONIC WASTE – PERSONAL E-WASTE Turn-in at the Solid Waste Transfer Station Bldg. 11001. Hours of Operation 0700-1430 Mon., Tues., Wed. & Fri. 315-772- 5944.

Most toner and ink cartridges from printer, copiers and fax machines can be turned in for recycling with LCI-SSSC Bldg. 1100, Ontario Ave 315-773- 3121, or at select local retailers like Staples, Best Buy or check for internet buy back companies.

REFRIGERATORS & OTHER WHITE GOODS – Call Single Soldier Housing at 315-772-8471 to arrange turn-in.

BULK WASTE – Place bulk waste items in any of the BULK WASTE Dumpsters on post. Questions please call Public Works Recycle & Refuse; 315-772-5944.

BATTERIES  – Rechargeable batteries are now accepted at most retailers. Eligible batteries (lithium, NICAD, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries) can be turned in at the Hazardous Waste Storage Facility Bldg. 11144 by appointment 315-772-6111. Recycle automotive or lead acid batteries at an auto care store, Firestone Complete Auto Care Bldg. 11110 315 -773-8025 or exchange your car battery at the retailer when you purchase a new one.

5-CENT RETURNABLE BOTTLES & CANS  – DO NOT place in trash. Redeem your cans & bottles in machines at local retail stores and redemption centers. At a minimum please place with single stream recycling.

PHARMACEUTICALS  – Take all pharmaceuticals (prescription and nonprescription) to Guthrie Pharmacy, Bldg. P-11050 off Mt. Belvedere, for free turn-in. Monday through Thursday 0800-1700 and Friday 0800-1200 315-772-3696.

TIRES – All tire retailers are required by New York State law to accept used tires for proper disposal & recycling (for example: Firestone Auto Craft Center, Fort Drum).  A fee may be charged for this service.

PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS – Recycle bins for plastic bags can be found at any local retail stores and at Fort Drum AAFES location.

TEXTILES. The DPW has established a comprehensive textile recycling program for use by all Fort Drum personnel. All Fort Drum personnel are strongly encouraged to participate in the textile recycling program. Textiles must be clean and dry, examples are: all footwear (singles also), all clothing (holes, missing buttons, broken zippers also fine), all linens (including sheets, comforters, towels etc.), accessories (duffle bags, purses, belts, gloves, ties, scarves, robes, stuffed animals, etc.). Drop off sheds are designated yellow for easy identification.

Last Revised 2 May 2017.